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Everyone, regardless of socioeconomic circumstance or background, deserves choice and opportunity.

At KIPP Austin Obras, we believe that the power to forge one’s desired path in life begins with a relevant values-driven education that cultivates critical thinking, ownership of knowledge, and independence.

By strengthening our students’ academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits through two-way dual immersion, higher order thinking tasks, and access to technology, we will prepare students to thrive in and graduate from four-year colleges and universities while creating a sustainable career for teachers. With families and members of the Austin community, we will forge a sense of team and family to create a school community that is stronger in unity than the sum of its parts.

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Letter from the Principal

“Everyone at Obras is valued for the role they play. We are a team and family of humans, big and small, and treat one another as such. Building community makes school fun for everyone: students, families, and teachers. We want school to be rigorous, and also fun.”

-Matthew Frank, Principal of KIPP Austin Obras

About Principal Frank: Matthew Frank holds 3 degrees, all from UT Austin: a BS in Radio/Television/Film, and 2 Master’s Degrees in Education: One in Curriculum & Instruction and another in Educational Administration.

Over the last 10 years, Mr. Frank has acquired elementary school teaching experience across many grade levels. He taught general education 1st grade for 2 years, Bilingual 3rd grade for 3 years, and Bilingual 5th grade for 2 years. For a few years in between, he was a copy editor and writer for 2 major textbook publishers in New York City. Mr. Frank is certified in Texas (grades EC-8) with the Bilingual Supplement for teaching in Spanish.

In 2010, Mr. Frank joined KIPP Austin as Assistant Principal. He prepared for his position through experiences and training the in UT Principalship program. His day-to-day responsibilities included supporting Lead Teachers and Teaching Fellows, and filling in as part time lunch server, phone receptionist, custodian, and data entry specialist.

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