Food Services

KIPP Austin recognizes that there is a link between nutrition and education, the food served in schools, physical activity, and environmental education, and that student and staff wellness is affected by all of these.

Student eating lunch

We believe that healthy children are the foundation of a healthy society and that well-nourished and physically-fit children are better able to learn. Eating and exercise habits developed in childhood will affect our students’ health throughout their lives.

Food in its most natural state is the healthiest for our bodies. Food that comes in packages often has artificial colors and flavors and preservatives that are not good for our long-term health. All people deserve equal access to nutritious, fresh foods, regardless of the neighborhood they live in, or their income level.

Monthly Menus

Meal Prices

Breakfast is FREE for all KIPP Students.

2017-2018 Lunch Prices:

  • Elementary School and Middle School: $2.75
  • High School: $2.90
  • Reduced Price Lunch: $0.40

You can make payments, view your child’s account balances and meal purchases and schedule automatic payments anytime at

Students at in cafeteria