Austin Ridge Campus

The Austin Ridge campus is full of rich historical significance to Texas and to the KIPP Austin community.

According to the Texas Historical Association, the Texas legislature established the Austin State School Farm Colony as a branch of the Austin State School in 1933 to provide a home for intellectually disabled boys to work in dairy, poultry, and truck farming. The farm was separated from the Austin school in 1949 and eventually acquired 195 additional acres. Farming operations at the facility ceased in the early 1960s, and the institution changed its name to Travis State School in 1962 and eventually closed its doors in 1995.

views of campus

Initial lease was for building 616 and 627 and the high school gym portion of building 676 starting in June 1, 2007 consisting of a 35,548 square feet of net rentable area which became the home to. The lease contract including adding the rest of building 676 along with buildings 644 and 652. Austin Ridge has been home to 8 of the 12 Austin KIPP schools at different times (including both high schools). Currently, the campus is home to KALE, KACE, KAL & KAV) and the administrative offices for KIPP Austin. Austin Ridge has gone through several phases of renovation and has another round of renovation to complete its makeover.

  • Year Opened


  • Square Feet

    233,442on 89.94 acres

  • Students Educated


  • Grades Served



  • Open air campus
  • Pond
  • Soccer field
  • KIPP Cafe
  • 2 Cafeterias
  • Indoor basketball court/gym
  • Playground
  • Toddler playground
  • Daycare program
  • Extend-A-Care, afterschool care

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