Please find the answers below to the most frequently asked questions applicants have in regard to careers at KIPP Austin.

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How do I apply for a position with KIPP Austin?

All individuals wishing to be considered for a position at KIPP Austin Public Schools must first complete our online application, here.

Please note that applications are only accepted online; do not email, fax, or mail a copy of your resume. Should you have any problems with our online system, please contact

How do I know if you received my application?

Once your application is submitted, you should receive an automatic email confirming that your application has been received. Please check your spam and junk mail folder for this email if you do not see it in your inbox. If you have not received this email, your application has not been successfully submitted.

What is the selection process for non-instructional positions?

The selection process for non-teaching roles varies by position, but typically includes a phone interview, an interview activity, and a campus visit/formal interview with various KIPP Austin stakeholders.

What are the key competencies of a KIPP Austin staff member?

We seek individuals who demonstrate our core values of courage, tenacity, curiosity, integrity, and community. Successful teammates are highly reflective, constantly seeking to improve their practice, and value feedback. Qualified applicants have demonstrated results working with historically underachieving students. A Bachelor’s degree is required for all teaching positions.

What if I hold a college degree from outside the United States?

For applicants who hold degrees in education outside the United States, a foreign credential evaluation is required. For your convenience here is a list of service providers recommended by TEA that you can utilize. As a next step, please choose a provider and reach out to begin the process of having your credential evaluated. Once they have been evaluated, please send the confirmation document back to us for review.

Click here to review a list of providers

What are the benefits of applying by the specified deadlines?

We are very fortunate to receive a large number of qualified applicants. Hence, the earlier you apply, the better your chances are to be considered for one of our positions. Furthermore, when you apply by a specific deadline, we will notify you within a short timeframe (5-7 weeks). We highly encourage applicants to submit an application as early in the year as possible. Please note that there are instances when selection processes will fall out of the 5-7 week timeframe. KIPP Austin will communicate transparently with candidates whose timeline may extend beyond 7 weeks.

Do I have to apply to an application deadline?

No — We encourage interested applicants to submit an application as soon as possible; it is not necessary to wait for a given deadline. Members of the recruitment team are reviewing applications on a rolling basis and will follow up as applications are submitted.

Can I apply to a specific school or grade level?

If you are interested in a particular school or grade level, please make your preference known (this information can be shared in the “Additional Information” section of the Profile you create as part of your online application) and we will take your request into consideration as you move through the selection process.

Can I apply for more than one position?

For teaching positions, we highly encourage you to only apply to one position with us. When we review your application and begin the selection process, we will determine if you are a better match for a different subject area or grade level. Should you choose to apply to more than one school, please know that you may be expected to go through a separate process for each school.

Should you not be a fit for the position you applied for, but you are a strong fit for another role in one of our schools, please know that our team will work hard to find a place for you! We are looking for the nation’s best educators and we’ll work hard to find a match.

What is the selection process for teaching positions?

KIPP Austin’s application process is designed to help us learn as much information as possible about you as a candidate, while allowing you to gain insight into our organization’s values and approach. To that end, we customize our process depending on factors that include, but are not limited to, previous professional experience, position to which you have applied, your geographic location, timeframe of application, and/or principal discretion.

For most teaching candidates who progress beyond the online application, the selection process involves the following steps:

KIPP Austin Application Process

Other steps in the process may include written interview exercises, a video interview, teacher interview panels, and/or participation in a talent selection event, among other activities.

Please note that we may check references at any point during the selection process. We will proactively communicate with you when/if we are planning to contact your references.

Do I need to be certified in Texas to teach with KIPP Austin?

Some teachers at KIPP Austin are required to become certified in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. Depending on subject and grade taught, compliance may vary and could mean enrolling in a teacher certification program and/or taking certain exams to become certified in Texas. Teachers are informed of the specific certification requirements during the hiring process, and Human Resources will provide notice and guidance on any necessary next steps. In general, teachers are expected to become compliant by the first day of school (for some roles this is non-negotiable), and any non-compliances must be remedied within thirty (30) days.

See the chart below for more details about what roles require certification

  • Elementary School Level (K-4):
    • Lead teachers delivering instruction in English are required to be ESL certified
    • Lead teachers delivering instruction in Spanish are required to be bilingual certified
    • Special Education teachers & Coordinators are required to be Special Education certified
  • Middle School Level (5-8):
    • Special Education teachers & Coordinators are required to be Special Education certified
  • High School Level (9-12):
    • Special Education teachers & Coordinators are required to be Special Education certified

How do I become certified in Texas?

It all depends on where you’re starting out! Our teachers receive personalized guidance from Human Resources, who partners with you through the entire process. It will be important for you to work with Human Resources at KIPP to ensure you are taking the right steps and exams to be in compliance as you work towards certification! However, we’ve included a few pieces of general information below.

Certified In Another State

If you are certified in another state as a teacher, it may be possible to transfer your certification to Texas. Those decisions are made by TEA (Texas Education Agency) and you can find more information about their process here.

No Certification

If you are not currently certified in another state or in Texas, you can join an Alternative Certification Program (ACP) to achieve certification in Texas. You can review a list of ACPs here.

What if I am not selected to move forward?

If you are not selected to move forward in the interview process, we encourage you to continue to gain more experience, hone relevant skills, and reapply the following year. KIPP Austin is in the process of growing over the next several years, and we will continue to need excellent teachers as our school and staff continues to expand.

Can you tell me why I was not chosen to continue in the selection process?

KIPP Austin is very fortunate to receive a large number of applications; last year we received almost 1,600 applications for 113 available teaching roles. Due to the high volume of applicants and our internal policy, we do not provide feedback for candidates in the early stages of the interview process.

How can I be a strong teacher applicant for KIPP Austin?

As we noted above, we are fortunate to receive many applications for our available teaching roles. To make your application stand out, please download our KIPP Austin Application Tips.

What is the Pre-Employment Affidavit Form I was sent after I submitted my online application?

After submitting my application, I received an email asking me to fill out an additional form.  What is this form?

In late 2017, the Texas Education Agency created a new requirement for all applicants and new hires within all Texas school districts to fill out a pre-employment affidavit form.  The form asks applicants to state whether they have been charged with, adjudicated for, or convicted having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Is this form required for my role?

Applicants for some roles are required to fill out this form, and we ask that all applicants take this first step.

Will the hiring manager see this form?

No. This form will be kept confidential within our Talent Team.

What happens if I mark “yes” on this form?

Please provide all pertinent information.  Our HR team may reach out directly to discuss any facts and information provided.  As with all background checks, we conduct individual reviews of any of this information.

Where can I get more information?

You can view the Texas Education Agency’s published correspondence here.