Substitute Teaching

Now Hiring: Substitute Teachers for the 2017-18 School Year. Please read below about how to apply!

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Why Substitute Teach at KIPP Austin?

Flexible Work Schedule: Our substitute teachers have the flexibility to customize their own schedule and use an online tool called Aesop to find and manage their assignments. Substitute teachers work anywhere from 3 days per month to daily, depending on their availability. We ask that our substitute teachers demonstrate dedication and commitment to our school community by accepting a minimum of 3 assignments per month.

Gain Experience and Make Connections: Substitute teaching can be an excellent pathway to future full-time roles. In fact, while our hire rate for full-time positions is about 6% of total online applicants, almost 70% of our 2014-15 substitute teachers who applied to full-time positions were hired.

Competitive Pay: Our substitute teachers are paid a competitive daily rate, depending on qualifications.

  • 60+ College Hours: $90 / day
  • Degreed (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate): $100 / day
  • Texas Certified Teacher: $120 / day
  • Long Term Stipend: Substitute teachers who have been selected by a school to complete 10 consecutive days or more in the same assignment will receive an additional $20 / day

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve already applied! What can I expect next? You can expect to begin hearing back from us regarding your application about two weeks before the most upcoming hiring event (see chart of hiring events below). This date is also indicated in the job description when you apply. Applicants selected for an interview will receive an invitation. Please note that applications must be completed at least one week before the most upcoming event to be considered for the most upcoming event. Applications submitted with less than one week to go before the most upcoming event date may need to be considered for the following month’s hiring event.

I’m not available for the most upcoming hiring event! Will there be other opportunities to interview? Yes! Absolutely. If you are selected for an interview, but unable to attend the most upcoming event, we would be happy to invite you to next month’s event. Here’s a list of dates for hiring events for the year:

Hiring Event Date
*by invitation only; please apply to be considered
Complete Application By Start Date
*if hired at hiring event
July 13th July 6th July 20th
August 17th August 10th August 24th
September 21st September 14th September 28th
October 26th September 19th November 2nd
November 30th November 23rd December 7th
January 11th January 4th January 18th
February 1st January 25th February 8th
March 22nd March 15th March 29th
April 19th April 12th April 26th


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