Teacher Career Pathway

At KIPP Austin, we believe that it is critically important for our students to have an effective teacher in all of their classes, year after year.

Eager student learning
Get Better. Stay Longer.

We therefore to create a workplace that recognizes and rewards teachers, and gives them the opportunity to stay in the classroom and build up world-class skills. Launched in the 2015-2016 school year, the Teacher Career Pathway gives teachers the opportunity to advance through several career stages, earning increased compensation and other rewards at each level.

We believe the Teacher Career Pathway will help teachers get better and stay longer.

Our Definition of Excellence

At the core of the Teacher Career Pathway is superb professional development for our teachers. Using a rigorously tested Planning & Instruction rubric, teachers are constantly observed and offered feedback in order to celebrate and advance their practice. The Teacher Career Pathway, combined with our Definition of Excellence, allows teachers to develop all the skill they need to have a successful career at KIPP Austin.

Student Growth and Achievement. Planning and Instructions. Self and Others.


Your First Year at KIPP Austin

During their first year at KIPP Austin, teachers are in a Placement Year in which their compensation will be based on the KIPP Austin instructional salary scale. During this Placement Year, teachers will participate in all of the evaluation and development components of the Teacher Career Pathway, thus providing them and their school leaders with comprehensive feedback on their effectiveness. Then, the next year, they will be placed on the Pathway based on the evaluation of that first year.

Increasingly differentiated professional development & increased public recognition as you make your way up the Teacher Career Pathway.


What’s Next

The Teacher Career Pathway is fundamental to the life of a teacher at KIPP Austin. Much more information, including a comprehensive guidebook, will be available once a teacher starts at KIPP Austin.

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