What We Look For in Teachers

KIPP Austin seeks individuals who demonstrate our core values and who possess the mindset, competencies, and skills necessary to prepare our students to go To and Through college.

Eager student learning

When evaluating teacher candidates, we use a subset of skills and competencies that our current teachers are assessed on. Learn more by reviewing our Teacher Candidate Profile below.

Student College Readiness

Mission Alignment: Does the candidate deeply believe in our mission? Is the candidate inspired to teach our population of students and work in an environment of more time/high expectations? Does the candidate believe that all students can and will learn?

College Focus: Does the candidate display a commitment to prepare students to go to and through college? Can the candidate develop students’ foundational skills and mindsets to promote success in college?

Tenacity: Is the candidate committed to problem-solving and doing whatever is necessary to reach the end goal? Can the teacher maintain faith in our work and mission, despite daily challenges or obstacles? When faced with a challenge, does the candidate continue to try make things better and believe they can work through challenges?

Self and Others

Communication: When interacting with teammates, does the candidate communicate about students, families, and colleagues with respect? Do they communicate clearly and concisely?

Growth Mindset: Does the candidate respond to feedback from colleagues and school leadership with a spirit of continuous learning and a growth mindset?

Responsibility: Does the candidate take responsibility for results, mistakes, and behavior?

Follow Through: Does the candidate follow through on his or her commitments and responsibilities to his or her colleagues in a timely manner?

Planning and Instruction

Builds Excitement (Student Engagement): Does the candidate show excitement for the class content? Is the candidate visibly passionate about the importance of learning? Does the candidate use a positive tone and praise and celebrate student successes?

Sees the Whole Classroom (Behavior Management): Does the teacher notice what happens in the classroom, and do they quickly adjust as needed? Do they scan the room deliberately and positively narrate student actions, where appropriate?

Exudes Strong Teacher Presence (Student Engagement): Does the candidate use body language, word choice, and tone to effectively maintain students’ attention and respect? Does the candidate carry himself or herself as a leader and role model?

Acts “Warm and Demanding” (Behavior Management): Does the candidate use a calm, firm, and convincing tone when addressing inappropriate behavior? Are redirections focused on student behavior and choices, not student character?

Goal Focused (Instructional Design): Are lesson activities designed to achieve clear, measurable mastery objectives? Do goals drive instruction, not vice versa?

Explains Clearly (Lesson Delivery): Does the candidate explain concepts and model skills clearly, accurately, and at the right speed? Do they intentionally move students from one concept to the next or one next to the next in a thoughtful way?

Student Growth and Achievement

Student Growth and Achievement: Has the candidate achieved academic results with students AND/OR Can this candidate provide evidence that they are focused on student growth and achievement and/or that they conceptually know how to drive it?


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