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Letter from Executive Director – KIPP Co-Founder Communication

February 23, 2018

Dear Team and Family,

I’m writing you today to communicate news we recently received from KIPP Houston and the KIPP Foundation regarding KIPP co-founder, Mike Feinberg’s termination as a result of findings from an independent investigation into alleged misconduct. You can read the KIPP Houston and KIPP Foundation letter in full at (click on the “Important Message: Letter to the Community” banner at the top of the homepage).

At KIPP Austin, we believe it is the role of every adult to empower students to thrive and graduate from college, choose their paths and positively impact their community. We live our mission by putting our students’ safety and well-being as the top priority and we do not tolerate behavior that is incompatible with our mission and values.

If you have any concerns about abuse or misconduct involving a minor, please refer to your Student and Family handbook for our policies to protect student wellbeing and safety, contact your School Leader and/or the Department of Child Protective Services immediately by phone 1-800-252-5400 or online at

While we are shocked by this news from KIPP Houston and KIPP Foundation, I want to emphasize KIPP Austin’s commitment to protecting every student, alumni and staff and appropriately addressing any type of misconduct. In light of that commitment, we are equipping and supporting our school leaders and teachers to process this news and making available social workers at all our schools to support our students as well.

We are so grateful and honored that you trust us with your children and family. We take this responsibility very seriously and feel accountable to operate with the highest levels of integrity. KIPP Austin has always been about our KIPPsters, climbing the mountain to and through college and empowering them. That has never been truer than today.

You are our Team & Family and we love you. Please reach out to me or your school if you need anything from KIPP Austin to support your climb to and through college.

Steven Epstein

Executive Director

KIPP Austin Public Schools