At KIPP Austin Beacon Prep, students learn to lead, choose their paths, and serve  their community. By having a variety of extracurricular activities available to all students we believe academic engagement, achievement, and pride in being a Beacon Blazer will increase.

Eager student learning

One way we support these components of our mission is by offering a variety of clubs, intramurals, and competitive sports teams which are both fun and meaningful. At Beacon Prep, each student is encouraged to get involved in the clubs offered, to try new things, and to get to know the faculty on a different level.

Clubs may vary throughout the year and may last a full year, or half year. Clubs will begin in September of each year.

  • Full year clubs: September-May
  • Half-year clubs: September-December, January-May

Clubs will meet once per week during their season. Past clubs and sports teams have included: Cool Fun Club, Art Club, Science Club, Dance Team, Hello World (computer science), Student Council, Basketball Team, Boys Soccer Team, and Girls Soccer Team.