KIPP Austin Vista Middle School

KIPP Austin Vista Middle School

KIPP Austin Vista Middle School believes all students can achieve transformative outcomes by developing strong academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits. Through a curriculum that highlights reading, writing, discussion, and critical thinking, students will cultivate the academic skills necessary for college readiness. Individualized supports provided within the classroom combined with opportunities outside the classroom will encourage students to develop their intellectual habits, interests, and passions. Students will grow in character as they navigate adolescence in a supportive and disciplined atmosphere, becoming advocates for their individual well-being and contributors to the community. Each student’s path will be different, but all students will leave KIPP Austin Vista Middle School on the path to college and a life of choice.

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About Principal Diaz: Breanne Diaz earned a B.A. in international relations and history from Claremont McKenna College in her home state of California. She taught 6th grade at Virgil Middle School as part of Teach for America’s 2007 Los Angeles corps. During this time, Ms. Diaz also earned an M.A. in elementary education from Loyola Marymount University. She moved to Austin in 2009 to become a founding teacher at KIPP Austin Academy of Arts & Letters, where she worked for the next three years as a grade-level chair and a reading/writing teacher. Ms. Diaz is certified as a Generalist 4-8 and ESL teacher. Ms. Diaz loves KIPP because her hard-working students have grown to love reading great books as much as she does – and they know how to have fun while doing it!

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