School Culture

KIPP Austin Collegiate


In simplest terms, the discipline system is our process for assessing and tracking student character actions. In order to establish and maintain a culture of ownership, we consistently message earning merits or demerits. The danger of a discipline system is that it can be relied upon too heavily as a classroom management tool. The system should be thought of as a behavior report/tracker and used in conjunction with your classroom management system. Teachers should implement class and/or grade-level incentive programs to reinforce positive behavior and have plans in place for redirecting and correcting undesired behaviors that include logical and natural consequences not tied to the system.

It may be helpful to think of the system in the same way that you think of graded assignments. Students earn points on assignments by providing high quality, accurate responses. Prior to the presentation of a graded assignment, you have delivered high quality, differentiated instruction and individualized support to students who need it. Similarly, the discipline system should reflect a “score” students have earned with your differentiated support.

The efficacy of the system is dependent on how it is used. How teachers utilize the discipline system will determine student success. This requires teachers to construct a language and an environment of earning privileges. It requires consistency in awarding earned merits or demerits throughout the school, with merits translating to earning privileges such as public recognition, KAC gear and dress down days, etc., and with demerits translating to earning specific consequences. The discipline system empowers students to maintain privileges through their actions and personal responsibility and also promotes character growth. By resetting each quarter, students are afforded the opportunity to start fresh. Remember: the discipline system is not something to rely on for classroom management.


The KAC Discipline System is framed on 5 core values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Community
  3. Tenacity
  4. Courage
  5. Curiosity

By focusing on these 5 values, we will create an environment that allows us to learn at high levels. Thus, students will earn merits when they act in a way that supports the environment or students will earn demerits when they act in a way that detracts from the environment.


We believe KIPPsters will be empowered to make positive choices when given a fresh start every day. It is incumbent on every adult to truly give students a fresh start without holding grudges from previous days. We also believe in assigning consequences – positive or negative – for student actions, and we deliver them in a consistent, calm manner.

We believe that learning time is sacred. Teachers are the authority in the classroom and will make every effort to resolve student misbehaviors within the classroom. We believe in the strength of teamwork, knowing that every classroom must follow the same expectations and processes in order for students to best succeed. We believe that consistency across the school-wide team is essential to student accountability and growth.


Students may not participate in athletic activities (travel, games, and practices) or school events (performances that are non-evaluative, dances, festivities) on days they serve ISS or OSS. This includes any practices or games before or after school.