KIPP Austin Comunidad places top priority on our students' academic instruction.

KIPP Austin Comunidad

MAP Reading Performance

MAP is a nationally normed assessment we give students 3 times a year. This assessment is used to measure growth in Reading and Math and is used at KIPP Austin Kinder – 12th grade. Based on the extensive research and usage of this assessment, results can be aligned to college readiness. State assessments are very important but MAP is how we know we are accomplishing our mission – to and through college!

  • In May of 2015, our MAP Reading results in 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade were in the top 10 schools in the KIPP national network.
  • In May of 2015, our MAP Math results in 2nd grade and 4th grade were in the top 5 schools in the KIPP national network.
  • Our 4th graders in 2015 (Class of 2023, our pioneer class) on average performed on par with students in the 6th grade at KIPP Austin in MAP Math.

Literacy Priority

We are very excited to be rolling out new literacy curricula! Our goal is that your child is fostering a love of reading and writing in both Spanish and English.

Math Priority

Students receive math instruction daily in both English and Spanish. Our math program is focused on building flexibility with numbers and problems solving. We also use blended learning with a program called ST Math.

Restorative practices

Restorative Practices are a school-wide approach to working with students.

Focused on:

  • Students learning self-control
  • Being accountable to others
  • Creating strong relationships
  • Students developing empathy and compassion
  • Inclusion of everyone
  • Solving conflict and problems through the Restorative Process


KIPPsters attend one Excellence class each day of the week. These classes are:

  • Library: students will check out one book each week and listen to a read-a-loud.
  • Fine Arts: students explore personal and artistic identities through visual arts, music, and theatre.
  • Fitness: students learn games to stay active every day!