School Culture

At KIPP Austin Leadership Elementary, we believe all of our students have the potential to become leaders in their communities.

KIPP Austin Leadership Elementary

This means showing integrity, tenacity, curiosity, courage, and community, every day. We know that for our kids to make it to and through college, they need to be their best self and we need to teach them how to behave for themselves, for their classmates, and for their community. At Leadership, we have developed a way to celebrate excellent behavior at school and with families that also teaches students how to behave and learn from their mistakes. We also have a strong focus on school-wide and classroom culture and start each day off with community time in each of our classrooms. This time is dedicated to learning about our students, our teachers and our community. Our goal is to make learning a joyful experience for our Leaders. In addition to individual and classroom culture-building activities, we also hold weekly assemblies where we recognize our students for their hard work and strong character!