College Resources

KIPP is partnering with local and national colleges/universities that are more likely to help our students graduate.

Many of these schools have higher graduation rates for first generation college students than their peer institutions and/or already have a cluster of KIPP alumni enrolled. National Partnerships attract students from across the KIPP network and Texas partnerships primarily serve our students from the Texas region. You can learn more about KIPP College Partnerships here.

To and Through

Once students graduate from high school, KIPP Through College remains a constant support to ensure that they remain on the path to college completion and career readiness.

KIPP Through College counselors visit students at their college campuses and keep in constant communication to discuss academic progress, financial aid, social pressures, and internship opportunities. KTC also hosts events during holidays and breaks. By intentionally building relationships, KTC is able to help address specific issues, steer students towards appropriate resources, and empower students to advocate for themselves.

College Connections and Ambassadors

College Connections

College Connections is a program designed to ensure that KIPP alumni are making connections with each other on college campuses across the country. Connecting our growing network of alumni in college is a critical and powerful tool in the effort to increase college persistence and graduation rates. KIPP seeks to build supportive cohorts of our students on college campuses so they can work together to persist in and graduate from college. College Connections works to:

  • Identify other KIPP alumni on campus and build personal networks
  • Appoint Ambassadors who plan events, host workshops, maintain college communities, and visit with KIPP alumni
  • Provide support for KIPP alumni in overcoming academic, social, and emotional challenges in college
  • Collaborate with other KTC regions in supporting students across the network

As the number of KIPP alumni in college continues to grow rapidly every year, building peer-to-peer support and maintaining strong communities will provide students with additional reinforcement on their climb through college.