High School Resources

KIPP Through College counselors specializing in college placement work in our high school students and our middle school alumni to guide them and their families through the high school graduation and enrollment in college.

KIPP Through College (KTC) counselors coach and support students as they explore which colleges are the right match and fit while guiding them through the admissions process.

KAC Class of 2017

Junior and Senior Seminar

All 11th and 12th grade students at KIPP Austin Collegiate participate in college access courses that prepare them for the college application and transition process. Beginning in junior year, students focus on resume creation, ACT preparation, college application essay writing, data-driven college research, completion of admissions applications to at least nine colleges, completion of scholarship and FAFSA applications, and support of undocumented students in DACA enrollment and TASFA applications.


Naviance by Hobsons is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation for millions of students across all ages and around the globe. At KIPP Austin, we require all of our high school students to utilize Naviance in their career and college exploration.

College Match tool

KIPP Through College focuses on a simple truth: match matters. A growing body of research shows that choosing the right college can make or break a student’s chance of graduating. This is especially true for students from low-income communities, and even more so for those who are the first in their families to go to college. The KIPP Through College team meets one-on-one with students and uses a data-driven approach to find the schools that will be the right fit for each student. Take a sneak peek at our College Match Tool to see our work.

Pre-College Summer Programs

Through our college partnerships, KIPP receives a number of spaces for students in very competitive summer programs at institutions such as Brown University and Georgetown University. Students can be nominated by their teachers for these two-week, all-expenses-paid summer programs. KIPP Through College also has a Summer Programs Database that students can access to find out about more summer opportunities.

In addition to these programs, KTC also encourages our 9th through 11th grade students who demonstrate college readiness to participate in Dual Credit Program through Austin Community College. Both KIPP Austin Collegiate and KIPP Brave will grant high school credit towards graduation for approved dual credit courses.

Middle School Alumni

As part of the KIPP promise, the KIPP Through College team supports all students who complete eighth grade at a KIPP Austin Public Schools middle school, regardless of the high school they attend. A KTC counselor collaborates with other high schools to access and support our alumni’s college aspirations. For more information contact Ingrid Fragoso, ifragoso@kippaustin.org.