KIPP Austin is a network of 10 schools serving more than 5,000 students in Austin. With 100% of the Class of 2015 accepted to college, KIPP Austin continues to prove that demographics do not define destiny.

Question 1

Are We Serving the Children Who Need Us?

A great education is the best path to a life full of opportunity. KIPP schools aim to educate students in underserved communities, including English language learners and students with special needs.

Are we serving the children who need us chart

Question 2

Are Our Students Staying With Us?

We know that when a school is healthy, students want to return year after year. We are committed to creating schools where all students can thrive, and we closely track student attrition to ensure we’re keeping our students with us and meeting our mission.

94% of KIPP Austin students returned in 2016

Question 3

Are Our Students Progressing and Achieving Academically?

Our goal is to put our students on an academic trajectory toward college readiness. We use a variety of tools to understand student achievement, and look closely at our results to ensure we’re fulfilling our promises to students and families.

Chart showing how KIPP is performing relative to the local community

Question 4

Are Our Students Climbing the Mountain To And Through College?

To meet our mission in preparing students to lead choice-filled lives, we follow the progress of our KIPP alumni, examining their rates of high school graduation, as well as college enrollment and college completion.

93% high school graduation rate, 82% college matriculation rate

Question 5

Are We Building a Sustainable People Model?

Educators are at the heart of KIPP. We are committed to investing in the people who join us, and making sure they have the supports they need to do their best work every day.

84% teachers retained within KIPP